The year 1966 was an exciting year; a year of accomplishment; a wondrous year; a fun year and for some, a tragic one.  In 1966 the population of the United States exceeded 195 million, Ronald Reagan  entered politics and became the governor of California, the Gemini 10 space mission launched and was completed successfully, the first episode of Star Trek aired, Pampers were introduced to the world … and in late 1966 Jane’s father, Russ, took ill and died.

Russ was an “old-school” kind of guy; head-strong and very deliberate … and, notwithstanding that he and Jane’s mother were estranged, he cared deeply for his three daughters.  Of the three girls Jane was the oldest and unashamedly his favorite.  She took his death quite hard and nothing that her husband, Lee, did or said could ease the pain. Only time would do that.

When Russ died the family found a number of life insurance policies. Among them were policies for his daughters – two of his daughters.  A third policy for Jane, his oldest and his favorite, was never found.  Everyone was sure that there was a policy but no one knew where it was.  That was nearly forty years ago and the saddest part of this very short story is that Russ’s wish to provide for his girls – all of his girls – went unfulfilled.

Twenty six years later, long after Jane and Lee were divorced, Lee went into the financial services business where he spent more than 20 years. During that time he had many experiences involving life insurance but he never forgot about Russ and he never forgot about Jane.  And in 2002, when this thing called the “information super-highway” or the “internet” really became popular, he founded an all-electronic service to help people who found themselves in Jane’s position – people who couldn’t find a lost or missing life insurance policy – and he called it “”.  Over the ensuing years Lee saw payouts as small as $1000.00 and a few that exceeded $100.000.00.  Not everyone that searched for a lost policy found one but finding one assured that someone’s wish for someone that they cared about was fulfilled.

If you’ve lost a loved one and you can’t find the policy document, or if you’re unsure if one, or more than one exists, may be able to help.