Learn MoreWhere might insurance come from?

As a consumer your loved one may have gotten life insurance from any number of sources.  It may have been purchased privately or gotten from a job or a trade union or association (“group life”), a mortgage, credit card, or auto or bank loan (“credit life”), or as a “rider” on his or her health insurance.

Active duty military or military retirees may pay insurance premiums by allotment and their beneficiaries may not know.

Grandparents often buy “paid up” life insurance naming their grandchildren as beneficiaries and may neglect to tell us.

Problems occur and money is lost, however, when a death occurs and life insurance policy documents, if we even know about them, are lost or misplaced.

If you believe that there is a policy out there somewhere with your name or your children’s names on it and you don’t know how or where to start looking … we can help!

Did you know?

Billions of life insurance dollars remain unclaimed because, all too often, life insurance policy documents can’t be located, beneficiaries don’t know that they are beneficiaries, or additional policies exist that beneficiaries aren’t aware of … and insurance companies don’t pay if they don’t know!

A lost, misplaced, suspected, or unknown life insurance policy could be worth thousands of dollars. But unless the loss of a loved one is reported, life insurance companies don’t know that those dollars need to be paid out. The result is that literally billions of dollars sit and wait.  Might some of those dollars be waiting for you? 

Search Fee:
After a small service charge of $3.95 there is NO FEE fee for initiating a search. $3.95 is payable by either credit card or Paypal account prior to a search being initiated. (You DO NOT need a Paypal account to initiate a search).  There are no other fees.  All located funds belong entirely to beneficiaries.