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When we started in 2002, we were the only ones providing a Search Service for Lost or missing life insurance policies. Today, as expected, a number of imitators have popped up. But because we are, as far as we are aware, still the only service that communicates directly with insurance company death claims departments, we get your information to where it needs to be faster, more securely, and with minimum effort on your part. What that can mean for you is a faster payout when funds are located!

About Lost Or Missing Life Insurance Policy

About Our Founder

Early in his life insurance career, Lee, the founder of, recognized the need for a fast, secure, easy-to-use, inexpensive means of searching for lost, missing, unknown but suspected life insurance policies. This recognition grew out of experiences with many clients over his 22 year career as well as out of a very personal experience … and it provided the impetus for what became

About Lee's Personal Experience

Before he started in the life insurance business, Lee was then married to (we’ll call her) “Jane” and in late 1966 Jane’s father died. He was a head-strong and a very deliberate man who cared deeply for his three daughters. Of the three, Jane was the oldest and his favorite. When Jane’s father died the family found a number of life insurance policies. Among them were policies for his daughters – two of his daughters. A third policy for Jane, his oldest and his favorite, was never found.

That was more than 50 years ago and to this day Jane’s father’s wish to provide for all of his daughters has gone unfulfilled.

Today, as it was when we began, we have but one goal; to provide those with a need and a right to know … a fast, easy, secure, affordable means to find out!