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The year 1966

The year 1966 was an exciting year; a year of accomplishment; a wondrous year; a fun year and for some, a tragic one.  In 1966 the population of the United States exceeded 195 million, Ronald Reagan  entered politics and became the governor of California, the Gemini 10 space mission launched and was completed successfully, the […]

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Should I Insure my Baby?

Michael and Marina had been high school sweethearts and had remained sweethearts all through college in spite of the fact that they were in schools that were separated by hundreds of miles.  Wanting to be married but both being pretty level-headed young people, they decided to wait until they were somewhat settled in their careers […]

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Oh, My Husband Handles That

I arrived at the agreed-upon time; 7 PM. Hans and Muriel Steiner (not their real names) had had time to share their evening meal and were ready for me, their financial docs arranged in a neat pile on the dining room table. It was time for the annual review of their life insurance, annuities, mutual […]

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A Tragic Story

Oliver and Mary were happily married for three years when Oliver Jr. was born. Their happiness grew. The following year Oliver Jr’s sister, Susan, was born and during the next 5 years the family built a comfortable life for themselves. Part of their building this comfortable life was financial planning; college funds for the kids, […]

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