Billions of life insurance dollars are still unclaimed!
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If you can't find the life insurance policy or are unsure if one,
or more than one, even exists ... we can help!

According to one industry organization, "Customers using a
             (missing policy) search service experience response rates of nearly 30%."

URGENT NOTE: Please see our FAQ's page for important information on protecting your loved one's identity from theft.

of life insurance dollars remain unclaimed because, all too often, beneficiaries don't know that they are beneficiaries, policy documents can't be located, or additional policies exist that beneficiaries aren't aware of ... 
and insurance companies don't pay if they don't know!

A lost, misplaced, suspected, or unknown life insurance policy could be worth thousands of dollars. But unless the loss of a loved one is reported, life insurance companies don't know that those dollars need to be paid out. The result is that literally billions of unclaimed life insurance dollars sit and wait.  Might some of those dollars be waiting for you?  Find out here, see helpful, informative links at the top of this page or for the low cost of $79.95 you can ...

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